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energy booster guide

By Erica Crystelle Smith


It is SOOO important to master your own energy now more than ever. This means refraining from getting your energy sucked dry from people around you, news, & feeding into fear. NOPE. That is not what you are here for.


Keep this list out where you can revisit it. For an example print it out and tape it to your fridge, screen shot it and keep it on your phone, or set it next to your bedside or work place. You can revisit this list anytime you are feeling your energy slump or you feel like you are going down a negative spiral.


Remember, you are in control of your energy. If you’re feeling drained constantly, depressed, aggravated, unmotivated, or a lack of energy- refer to this list. You get to choose the state of where your energy is at every moment and doing one of these items will give you a frequency boost.


Change starts from you, from within. When you change yourself you literally change the world. When you make time and space for yourself to heal, feel, & elevate to your souls purpose- you impact the rest of the world.

Your raised frequency increases the peoples frequency around you just by being around them. Others will start to see the changes you make in your life and they will be more open to look at what needs to be changed in their life.


This could be at a micro level. To be clear, changing others is not your focus- changing yourself is the priority & your only focus. Others changing is simply a bonus byproduct of your own inner work.


Start by doing one thing on this list to increase your frequency. Then move to doing that one thing every day.


As this becomes easier do more things on the list. Before you know it you will be doing several things on this list daily keeping your energy high.


Having a high frequency allows you to feel good, have the momentum & energy to pursue your purpose, be open to connect to your spirit, & manifest at a quicker rate.

  • Gratitude- make a list of 10 things  you are grateful for

  • Dance- throw on a tune on and shake your booty

  • Tell someone “I love you“

  • Love yourself- wrap your arms around yourself or look in the mirror and tell your body/soul “I love you”

  • Go outside- fresh air and nature

  • Move your body- pump those endorphins…sweat, lift, walk, run, yoga, swim, any movement that feels good

  • Deep breathing- 10 slow deep breaths

  • Meditate for 20 minutes

  • Play- do something fun!!

  • Inner child- start a project. ask your inner child what do you want to do? Is it color? Paint? Cartwheels? Play? Think back to what you loved to do as a kid and do one one of those things!

  • Stand up tall, stretch your arms out wide, chest up, tilt your head back and look up to the sky (or ceiling if your inside), and release- yell “AAAHHHHHH I AM ALIVE!!!” *trust me* don’t worry if ppl think you are crazy, this feels amazing and they should do it too. The fuller you are in your AHHHHH the better it feels. Release anything pent up in your being. Get rid of any unprocessed feelings with this. Go as long as you need

  • Journal- stream of consciousness, don’t stop for 15 min

  • Stay off social media/news for a day

  • Feel and love your body… touch your body when you dance, hug it, stretch it, talk to it, embrace it. Thank it for carrying you through this life

  • Take a bubble bath

  • Eat a high vibe energy snack…think whole organic foods like fruit, veggies, grass fed meat. Avoid anything loaded with sugar or anything processed

  • Make or bake something …tap into creative energy and create something for fun or be intentional

  • Drink a big glass of water

  • Say no to something that doesn’t feel good…this can be anything. So much in life can bring us down like giving our energy away too much, pretending to be someone else, going places bc you feel like it’s expected, lack of boundaries. Tighten up your ship. Say no.

  • Energy work- on your own- breath in positive energy, exhale negative energy or with someone- book a session with a healer

  • Don’t judge your feelings when they come up and don’t stay in low energy feelings too long. Feel, heal, release

  • Connect to your higher self- ask what do I need right now? And allow yourself to listen


These following statements are very powerful to clear your energy of anything that is not yours. This can also effect how you are feeling if you are feeling off, drained, or blah... say these statements out loud and so it is.

  • I cut & dissolve all cords that are attached to me now.

  • I release any energy that is not my own and I send it back to where it came from or transmute it up the 5th dimensional tube of light.

  • I clear & cleanse my aura & my field.

be alien, stay weird, 


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