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are we too much of the same?

Here’s what i know… 👇🏻🛸

There’s too much of the same!! Trends, options, art, expression, style… do you feel like ppl blend in sometimes???

even when we dive into something new other people follow and its the new longer weird or unique bc we just keep following each other

Like we are all scared of standing out..

This is where the inner alien comes in 👽

Literally & figuratively lol.

For my spiritual galactic girlies you know what I’m talking about!! Starseed DNA 🧬 yes you’ve learned about “who you are” but have you started to integrate it into this incarnation??

It’s amazing to tune in or get a reading done to see where your soul is from or where you were in “past lives” but it means nothinggg if we aren’t anchoring it into this reality 🌍

THIS is all about embracing your inner alien. You are a cosmic recipe of fullll unique magic. No one else has your blueprint, history, DNA mix, voice harmonics, or energetic signature- you have your own divine alien cosmic code

It’s time to start fully EXPRESSING IT!!

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🔥how to be more alien & GET WEIRD in 11 steps 😜

Stay alien, get weird,

xx Erica 👽


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