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Host & Facilitator: Erica Crystelle Smith

Listen, our light needs to be spread out to the world and we need to freaking show up fully.

What we create is how we expand ourselves and the world. It is how we anchor in the new earth frequency.

It is time to stop identifying with the “fear of being seen” or “the witch wound” or self doubt.


It is time to show up.

This cohort will help launch you into your expansion by holding space, discussion, and encouragement to birth your ideas into the world.


I am here walking along side you in this path of owning my power & creations.


Let’s anchor in the frequency together - as we know were are wayyy more powerful when we come together in union and create a wave of expansion together.


This is a community of creators of light- which you are.

I will hold time and space for conversations of the topics listed and space for creation time.


Included will be a portal of meditations, tools, and templates of what helps me with my own creations to help you outside of the container on your own time to help this process of birthing your creations of light you came here to anchor in 2024.


  • 5 calls - each 90-120 minutes long

  • WhatsApp group chat

  • resource portal of meditations, tools, & templets 

  • community


  1. December 19th 6pm-8pm CST

  2. January 2nd 6pm-8pm CST

  3. January 16th 6pm-8pm CST

  4. January 30th 6pm-8pm CST

  5. February 13th 6pm-8pm CST


  • CALL 1: How to stop doubting myself & my creations

  • CALL 2: How to believe in my work and in myself

  • CALL 3: What my creations mean to the world

  • CALL 4: Post/Publish/Launch my project of light

  • CALL 5: What it means to be fully seen - relax my nervous system


  • DISCUSSION: (15-30 minutes) The first part of the call we will have a workshop on the designated topic where I will share my perspective and what has worked for me. Then we will be in conversation together to discuss openly with what our thoughts, doubts, struggles & blocks are related to each topic. This will bring awareness to why we keep hiding and delaying sharing our projects of light with the world.

  • CREATION: (45-60 minutes) Following our discussion will be a chunk of creating time in ceremony together. Here we will be in ceremony creating our own works of light in the presence of each other. I will host the curated playlist of inspirational music for us to create too. Bring with you to the call what you want to create be it music, art, writing, creating a course, creating your own offers, brainstorming, journaling, etc. anything you want to put more time to but sabotage yourself from doing so out of being busy, doubt, fear, or feelings of not being enough. This ceremonial creation space is here to help you birth your idea of your project of light. Bring a candle and a hot beverage if you’d like ;)

  • COMMUNITY: (15-30 minutes) We will end each call with a sharing circle. If you feel called to share a part of what you created with the group you are welcome to do so here to receive support, love, encouragement, or guidance if asked.


$197 one time payment. It is important to commit time and money for yourself to show up fully in this container. 

who is this for? 

  • For those who have a vision but haven’t put it to the world

  • For those who have an idea but scared to get started

  • For those who want to create but never put the time to do it

  • For those wanting help with accounability

  • For those who have creations they want to share but haven’t

  • For those who are paralyzed by their own perfection

  • For those who are fear of being judged

  • For those who dream of bigger and knowing they are meant for something more

  • For those who are craving community of support & expanded thinkers

  • For those who are wanting to connect to like minded creative, spiritual, and weird AF ppl


What if I can't come to all of the calls?

Each call will be recorded for you to listen to & watch over again even if you cannot attend you can still feel like you are in community when you watch the replay on your own time.

What if I can't attend the whole call?

Come when you can as much as you can!

Who is going to be there?

Me along side your fellow weird, spiritual, connected soon to be friends :) 

Why should I join? 

If you want to be in community with others while you create your own project of light.

What will I get out of this?

Time for yourself to focus on your own creations. In our busy life we can forget what we are here to create and offer the world. Joining will give you designated time and commitment for you to work on your art, writing, offers, paintings, social media posts, website, etc! This is a space to be in conversation, community, creativity, energy, love, and support with one another. At the end of this cohort you will post/launch/publish the thing you have always wanted to.

What if I don't want to talk?

That is okay! Only share or speak if you feel comfortable or called to do so :) 

Have any other questions? message me on instagram @eternalexpansion 


Thank you for joining!! Look out for an email with more information that will be in your inbox 12/18! Can't wait to get started :)

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