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light codes





Erica Crystelle Smith

light language activation. 

light language is a spoken, vibrational, light & energy transfer to the soul. 

it is both old and new technology to heal, embody, ascend, and recode DNA to its original crystalline structure.

when you receive light language it releases stuck densities, organizes the unorganized, unlocks your knowing, and awakens the parts of you that have been shut off and forgotten about. 

light language is a powerful energy that runs through many of us on Earth right now and as we all step forward and offer our codes to each other we help fill in the gaps of the missing puzzle pieces that we individually and collectively need. 

light codes are imbedded in everything i do as a ooze out my coding in my own unique frequency. 

you can receive your own unique transmission that speaks to your soul directly by purchasing a light language activation. 

after you purchase an activation- it gives me permission to access your field and tune to your radio station and transfer the energy, knowledge, and coding you need in this moment of your path. 

a variety of things can be done in this recording and can be listened to over and over to unlock more for you as times goes on. 

Light Language Activation

After purchasing an activation you will receive your individualized activation that will range from 15-30 minutes straight to your mail box within 48 hours.


This recording will be yours for a lifetime. You will be able to play it back as many times as you would like to receive the messages and coding at deeper levels.


Please understand some of what may be said may not make sense at the moment, as time goes on information will be revealed to you when it is the right time. 

You are free to email me after listening with any questions you may have about what is being said or would like more of an understanding of your messages. 

I channel these messages and codes directly from your oversoul and I am a vessel for your highest alignment.


Light Language Activation $88 


Thanks for your order!

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