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Here’s what i know… 👇🏻🛸

There’s too much of the same!! Trends, options, art, expression, style… do you feel like ppl blend in sometimes???

even when we dive into something new other people follow and its the new longer weird or unique bc we just keep following each other

Like we are all scared of standing out..

This is where the inner alien comes in 👽

Literally & figuratively lol.

For my spiritual galactic girlies you know what I’m talking about!! Starseed DNA 🧬 yes you’ve learned about “who you are” but have you started to integrate it into this incarnation??

It’s amazing to tune in or get a reading done to see where your soul is from or where you were in “past lives” but it means nothinggg if we aren’t anchoring it into this reality 🌍

THIS is all about embracing your inner alien. You are a cosmic recipe of fullll unique magic. No one else has your blueprint, history, DNA mix, voice harmonics, or energetic signature- you have your own divine alien cosmic code

It’s time to start fully EXPRESSING IT!!

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🔥how to be more alien & GET WEIRD in 11 steps 😜

Stay alien, get weird,

xx Erica 👽

Stop minimizing your exploration. Stop minimizing your interests, your passions, the things that you want to study and learn from. These things are, in my opinion, the most important things that exists in your life right now.

That's like a pretty bold statement, but it is the most important thing. And we minimize this shit all the fucking time because we are so focused on like the nine to five job or learning about our partner or hanging out with our friends all the time or finances or all these different things. You didn't come here for that!!

I know we're on earth and we're, you know, we signed up for this, but we also came and you also came encoded with the things that you are supposed to be here and activate and question and discover for yourself. So first it's that soul.

First you're discovering yourself and then that helps in turn.

We're here to follow those passions and those curiosities and it's not meant to be this like side fluff that we like have to, you know, push to the wayside when we like grow up as an adult. It's just not the truth. And I think a lot of this has been skewed about like, you know, what it means to grow up, what it means to be an adult, what it means to...

"Have it together" and we have all these different arbitrary things that society has set up for us of, you know, maybe motherhood or high paying job or having the material things or having, you know, X amount of money in our bank account to be financially secure and all these things that are necessary to live, you could argue.

It's maybe necessary for society, I guess, if you're thinking about money, you could argue, but none of it really matters if you don't know yourself, if you don't know why you're here, if you don't feel a sense of purpose, a sense of belonging here on this earth. Everything else goes absolutely haywire if you don't let yourself explore these aspects.

And it's not a one and done situation. It is a recurring over and over process that happens as we take off all these masks and layers that are over our soul core frequency self. And we put all these things on as it is by design in society of things that we won't get into, but we put all this stuff on and it's like distracting all of us to hinder this actual path that we're here for.

Your creative project, your interest, your passions, or the things that you wanna try more of is literally the nuggets of the magic of what you're here to do. And we side question all of these things, thinking that it's not good enough or it's not interesting enough, or it's silly for us to do, but it's not. It's literally magic.

It's magic for us to be able to follow those things. So what we need to do is create space and containers, especially if you're in your adult life and you have, you know, maybe you have kids to take care of and maybe you have the job to do and you have the bills to pay and the apartment to clean and all of these things that we have on our to-do list that we have to do day to day to get through the days. But what are you also doing to get to that soul?

If you are tuning into self discovery, you probably have felt this at least once or twice of this dull feeling disconnected. What is even the point of all of these things? Why am I waking up and doing all of these pointless things that don't give me any energy, any passion, any life? You know?

So it's this unpacking of what we are doing and then recalibrating to what we should actually be doing, if that makes sense. And it's not really this universal swap of like, okay, you do this and then you do this instead. It's something that first you have to weave into your life and you have to create structure and there's a process to be able to create these things. And it's not...difficult.

Like, you know, it's not, it's not difficult to do these things. Sometimes what our soul wants to do is it wants to, you know, walk outside and touch the trees for 15 minutes, or maybe it wants to stare at the sky, or maybe it wants to read, you know, your fantasy novel that you just like brings you so much joy, or maybe it's like getting out your art and you're just, you know, going through some emotions and putting some art on the page.

Or maybe it's similar to me where you want to share your voice and your story and your stories and you want to put a podcast out like they're these simple things that we tend to put, you know, so much space in between that of what we want to do in us not having time to do any of those things. But the point is you have to create that space and time, and maybe you don't have a full day every week, or maybe you don't have a full hour, but maybe you have 10 minutes.

Check in with yourself: what would I be passionate about? What are my interests? What do I wanna learn about that isn't maybe required? You know, we're not really given a lot of space or time to think about those extra interests. Even in school, you're just kind of packed in with all the information and knowledge and tests and things that you have to do. But what if we created more space, especially in our adult life?

to try things on, to see, do I like that? I wanna go to this class, or I want to try this course, or I want to learn how to do makeup. What if we created more of this space of personal self discovery of our soul self and make those decisions of creating this creative web of who we are?

And then that in turns allows us to make those big, bold decisions that have been gnawing on us that we're trying to shove down.

So stop minimizing your interests and your passions because, tell you what, we don't have the same ones. Like your passions and interests of what you love to learn about and watch and all your spare time that you would wanna do is gonna be different from me, is gonna be different from the other person. And that's what's magical. We're supposed to bring our own unique frequency and interests and...bring that to the world.

This is what you would call maybe your soul's purpose. It doesn't always have to be your income, but it is the reason why you have landed here. And the first time that I have absolutely felt completely lost and just in struggle, I struggled with that question right there. Like, what is the point? Who am I though? Like, why am I here?

Those are really big questions to ask, especially if you're a young 20 year old and nobody around you seems to have the answers and you don't want to just go on along your business and just get the job and do all the things because that's what you're supposed to do. You want to get to the good stuff. You want to ask these questions. You want to have the conversations. Little did I know that was going to be part of my own soul's secret sauce, but that's kind of the point.

We need to be thinking about these things. We need to be following those joys. And even though society would like to believe, you know, that it's different, it's not always all about the money, even though we always make it like, oh, you have art, we want to monetize it, you know? It's not always that. I think when we do follow our passions of what our soul's here to do, I think

Most likely it will result to money because you're creating, you're having joy, you're enjoying it, you enjoy other people enjoying it. You know, it's this, it is a dance that seems to just happen naturally.but it isn't actually the point. The point is to discover that soul that is inside, quotes, inside your body. It's much bigger than what we could even fathom. But we need to start exploring those aspects of ourself and taking off the layers, and that's when you get to realize that actually you're not lost and you do know who you are.

You do know what your interests are and you do know why you came here. You know, we can put a lot of distance in between like, oh, I don't know those things. And so you'll never be able to attain them. So therefore they feel so far out there. So then I'm just going to shove them away because I'll never be able to like really understand. And like purpose is just like a huge word that like everybody tries to unpack, but doesn't really. You know.

But you have to start. And one way to start is to start to think about how you can discover yourself.

And it actually is very simple. We make everything so complicated. I mean, I even have a program coming out about the steps that you can self discover and find that soul self. Let me tell you, it's a fucking good program because I have lived this.

Breakdown, breakthrough, healing, discovery journey over and over and over for years, years.

It is not something that you do just once. You learn another layer, you take off another layer, you discover something else. But when you have a process, it helps you guide you through that. But it is a simple start to just start, to begin to ask yourself those questions.

So stop minimizing your passions and your interests and just be interested and passionate and put a little time towards it. Put a little, throw a little energy that way and see what happens. See what else you learn about yourself. See what comes of it.

Let me know, try it on, see what it feels like.

xx Erica

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Not knowing oneself can lead to the urge of wanting to quit it all and run away…most chances you are not going to actually run away from your life & responsibilities but you will still feel that feeling & it fcking sucks.. so where does it come from? 👇🏻

1. Lack of direction and purpose: When you don't have a clear understanding of who you are, it can be challenging to determine your values, passions, and goals. Without this self-knowledge, you may feel lost, lacking direction, and struggle to find a sense of purpose in your life. This can lead to feelings of frustration, confusion, and a sense of unfulfillment.

2. Difficulty making decisions: Not knowing yourself can make decision-making a daunting task. Without a solid understanding of your preferences, strengths, and weaknesses, it becomes challenging to make choices that align with your authentic self. This can result in indecision, second-guessing, and a fear of making the wrong choices, ultimately leading to a sense of stagnation and missed opportunities.

3. Strained relationships: Self-awareness is crucial for healthy relationships. When you lack self-knowledge, it becomes difficult to communicate your needs, set boundaries, and understand your own emotions. This can lead to challenges in forming deep connections and may result in misunderstandings, conflicts, or a tendency to seek validation from others, compromising your sense of self.

So then what???

Start by journaling, mindfulness, therapy, or seeking guidance from mentors can help you delve deeper into understanding yourself.

Remember, self-discovery is a continuous process, and with time and effort, you can gain a clearer understanding of who you are and find greater fulfillment in life 🌿✨

Listen to the Eternal Expansion Podcast & follow @eternalexpansion to launch yourself into your own sacred self discovery journey!!

xx Erica

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