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level up pathway.

your self paced step by step guide to connect to your POWER, ENERGY, & PERSPECTIVE

You are here because you are ready to EXPAND...







But.. you feel like you have done everything possible to expand your life.


You have tried courses, books, and have done inner work. You keep a good routine of good habits. You are working on changing your mindset - you are READY to expand!


What if it doesn't have to be overly complicated?


What if your EXPANSION is right around the corner & all you have to do is step into it?

Image by Road Trip with Raj

You might be thinking... "if that is actually true then why does it always feel like I am not actually getting closer to my purpose or being comfortable being myself?"

Through our childhood & life experiences, we are told to go against our intuition, our gut feelings, to fit in, & make smart decisions in order to live a comfortable, stable life in society. 

You are tired of being someone your parents, partner, society wants you to be but you feel lost on where to start on your self discovery journey. You know you have this burning purpose to share with the world but have no idea how to become clear on it or what direction to take. You see others show up being themselves & being confident and you are like HOW??? You see other people have so much more energy than you do and you want to know how they do it. You are ready to break out of the mold that was created for you & READY to meet the core essence of yourself. 

Sound familiar? 

Most people feel these things but choose not to do anything about it. But your soul didn't come to Earth to do that... You came with an internal purpose that is waiting to be expressed by YOU. You came to be fully yourself and not try to fit in with others. You know you are a creator & meant to have an unlimited supply of energy to expand. 

This is EXACTLY why I created the Level UP Pathway Course- to help you ​connect to the true essence of yourself, live from a place of truth, follow your intuition, allow yourself to leg go of everything that isn't right, provide actionable steps to become clear on your purpose & how to manage your energy. 

This course teaches you how to align with your true essence & start living your purpose through the expansion that has been waiting for you all along. 

How it works: 

This course shares all of the practices, routines, & energetics I have personally used to connect to my soul purpose, step into my soul's expression & truly know how to manage my energy. 

What you get

  • 16 audio lessons to go at your own pace

  • A resource bank of practices & tools 

  • 11 Powerful Light Language transmissions to activate, clear, & heal your DNA 

  • Journal prompts & actions steps to go along with each lesson of expansion

  • Lifetime access to all of the course materials so you can access them whenever you want!

What we cover:

  • How to clear old belief patterns

  • How release old habits, people, & material items

  • How to use energy statements 

  • How to shift your perspective of your current situation 

  • How to ground & expand your energy 

  • How to get clear on your feelings & amplify your soul essence 

  • Simple, daily practices to raise your energy 

  • How to invite your Higher Self forward for guidance 

  • How to become clear on what your divine purpose is

  • What your 3 vision superpowers are and how to use them

  • How to use the light language transmissions to the fullest effect

  • How to jump into the unknown 

....and more!

This course is exactly what you need if: 

  • Your tired of being someone your parents, partner, society wants you to be

  • You don’t even know where to start on your self discovery journey

  • You are lost on what direction you want to take in life

  • You see others show up being themselves & being confident and you are like HOW???

  • You want to try something new but are afraid to

  • You aren’t happy with what you are doing for work or how you’re spending your time

  • You feel lost in your path or lack of purpose

  • You keep trying on the mold “for what works” or “what others are doing” and it isn’t it

  • You want to become more yourself

  • You want to get to your core essence

  • You want to connect to your higher self

Endless support of expansion is available to you.


Are you ready to receive it?

Frequently asked questions: 

  • How long will I have access to this course?

    • Once purchased, you will have lifetime access so that you can go back to any of the lessons when you continue to expand​

  • I am just starting out with my self discovery, is this course too advanced?

    • This course is designed to meet you at all levels of your expansion. The more you work through the course the more clarity you will receive over time when working with the tools, practices, & light language. ​

  • Do I have to know what light language is for it to work? 

    • Nope! Even if you don't understand it consciously, your soul knows what to do :) ​

  • Are there refunds or money-back guarantees? 

    • Due to the digital nature of this product, no refunds will be given once purchased. ​

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