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Self Discovery


Trying to expand, change your life & step out of your comfort zone can feel overwhelming, scary, & straight up a bad idea even though you feel like your life is all sorts of stuck...

You have dived deep into personal development, taken a look at your limiting beliefs, changed some habits, tired doing shadow work, feel like you are making moves in your life but then....BAM.


You are right back to some of your old habits, thought patterns, and are just like SICK of it. 

You are feeling like you finally just want to step up and be your authentic self and not be who everyone else wants you to be. You feel ready to take off the layers put on by others & society. You realize there is a bigger mission for you - but what actually is it??

You know there is so much more to life than what you are doing right now but how do you find the time, energy, or clarity for it all? 

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Self Discovery Starter Pack

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This Mentorship is Here to Help You...

  • Live a life you actually love 

  • Make the bold move/decision you have been wanting to make 

  • Feel confident in yourself 

  • Stopped self sabotaging yourself 

  • Go for what you want 

  • Feel clear on your passion and mission 

  • Feel connected to yourself 

  • Feel a sense of calm and secure and powerful in your new way of being 

  • Connected to your soul higher self 

  • Cut the crap with your limiting beliefs 

  • In more fulfilling relationships 

  • Making more money

  • Life is just BETTER

You might be thinking - where do I even start? You feel stuck even though you have tried reading books, have taken courses, worked on shifting your mindset & trying to embrace being you...but think to yourself- is any of it actually working? 

You are wondering...

How do I figure out my purpose? My soul mission?

How do I find the time and the energy to make the changes I want? 

Why am I am I so tired all of the time? 

How do step into my power? 

How do I own who I am? 

How do I regulate my emotions & energy?

How do I actually raise my vibration?



I am here to tell you you are not crazy. If you are being called to finding your soul mission and have a nagging feeling that there is more to life than what you are seeing - I am here to tell you it is all available to you. 

I know you are sick of hearing.. 

..."just manifest your dream life" 

"step into your highest timeline"

"aligned action: 

"you create your reality" 

and all of the other magical fluff that sounds great but doesn't tell you actually HOW to do it!! 

I was once in your shoes too. Feeling a lack of clarity and confidence in my true potential and purpose.


I was so nervous I was going to lead myself in the wrong direction. When I decided that it was not just my calling but my duty to follow my soul mission and be myself I pushed past my insecurities, doubts, & fears - and I surrendered to the unknown.


I am beyond grateful for the life I have created in alignment full of love, travel, connection, and purpose. This is what is in store for you when you decide to take a chance on yourself and say FUCK YES I AM READY FOR THIS. 

You are looking for MORE...

  • You are ready to really uncover and embrace who you truly are. 

  • You crave a deeper connection to yourself & your higher self. 

  • You want to learn how to work with the magic and flow of the universe. 

  • You feel ready to finally stop holding yourself back. 

  • You are ready to go for it and actually LIVE your life. 

  • You are ready to finally overcome your fears and step into your power. 

I know you've been second guessing your magic... like who are YOU to want more, find your soul mission, and love your life? What if others think I am crazy for always searching for more???

This container is for you if...

- you like when someone is direct, honest, and no BS and holds you accountable to their highest self 

- you like structure in place to know exactly what you need to be doing to move the needle

- hate hearing the same things from different people but it not actually work and ready for something that will

- you like having someone in your corner to believe in you 

- you like when someone calls out on your self sabotaging behaviors

- wanting to channel your own soul language and open your channel 



  1. 60 minute breakthrough calls every 2 weeks which includes:

    • Review & refine weekly protocol

    • Breakthrough activities

    • Discussion & deep dive of each module teachings 

  2. 30 minute energy calls every 3 weeks which includes: 

    • Frequency alignment

    • Energy activations

    • Removing working through blocks and limiting beliefs

    • Form a strong connection with your higher self & soul language

  3. Weekly check ins with personalized implemented protocol every Sunday with response time of 24 hours that includes though not limited to: 

    • Water & food intake ​

    • Movement

    • Meditation

    • Subconscious work

    • Energy protocol

    • Connection time

    • Unknown exercise

    • Pleasure activity

    • Energy work 

  4. Daily support via Voxer with 48 response time Monday through Friday.

  5. Access to personal portal for daily work & tools.


Erica works with a limited amount of people at a time.

Send Erica a direct message now and see if there is availability & it is a match to work together.

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