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14 things I've learned traveling Asia for the last 6 months

I’ve been traveling across Asia for the last 6 months and this is what I've learned..

  • Home is within you

  • New surroundings regardless if it is a new country will push you out of your comfort zone therefore catapulting you into further growth

  • You inner guidance will always lead the way

  • Breathe deeper & more often

  • Trust & embrace the life - death - life cycle

  • Go outside when you having a good day and a bad day

  • You will find happiness in the smallest of things

  • Always treat yourself to a good latte

  • Talk to people - through others you will better get to know yourself

  • Flowing without a plan is kinda still having a plan lol

  • The things you think are hard are not actually hard at all

  • Give wayyyyy less f*cks - especially about what ppl think of you

  • Meditate more - you will thank yourself for this one

  • Get to know your mind all ways you can but first, start with journaling

xx Erica


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