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a new level of awareness

there is a lot of energy & information around how to level up, how to raise your vibration of your frequency & even how to unlock into another timeline...

these all sound like new things but the truth is you have been doing all of these things already. now, you are just aware of them & can now lead with more intention towards these items.

there is nothing new here. nothing to be scared of - just an elevated level of awareness.

its like we were always looking at the picture but our view was zoomed in on just the it is zooming out to see more and more of the picture.

anything that makes you feel good or provides you with an alternative perspective or even broadens your thought process is helping you do all of the above. this can look like going for a walk, hugging a tree, stop drinking, saying i love you to someone, traveling to experience a new place...

unlocking into another "timeline" is simply upgrading the way you think, feel, & show up for yourself.

the more you ground into the simple acts & staying present - you will realize there is nothing fancy to be done here.

you are already a high frequency being - it is the process of uncovering & remembering this truth.

ive gone through this process of thinking that everything was so hard to obtain or information that was outside of myself. i searched for all of the knowledge and opinions. i wanted to know how everyone ELSE was doing it.

this is a trap that i fell into that caused me a lot of suffering, continue to feeling lost, & feeling like i wasn't enough. it wasn't until i worked with a mentor that led me back to myself when i was realizing i was giving everything outside of myself control. she did not tell me what was up or down but rather guided me to my own inner truth.

& that is what i hope to do for you. through my teachings, writings, & experience. to show you yes we need community & guides & mentors but we need them in a way that will help us remember how powerful we are on own own. to help us peal back the layers & drop the dead weight we collected over the years of following the rules, people pleasing, society trappings, etc.

use this piece of information to check in with your own inner guidance. what do you need right now? how can you meet yourself more honestly today? what is one thing you can do that makes you feel good? - and can you find time to do that today?

xx Erica


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