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1:1 Soul Session

Each session is different based on what your energy field needs, what you are ready for, and how the guides direct me. Most importantly this session will awaken you to your soul self. 

I meet you exactly where you are and mirror back to you any limiting beliefs, self sabotage, or negative mindsets that is blocking you to get you where you want to go. This is a safe container for you to meet up against your edges & expand.

I connect to the Arcturian Council, Angelic Realm, Divine Mother Sophia God Consciousness and her dragon tribe as well as access your akashic records to provide you a powerful energetic shift & action steps to continue you on your journey. 

In this session we will cover some if not all of the following..

- Chakra clearing & balancing

- Activate your doormat DNA

- Anchor you into your wealth grid

- Heal any parts of your inner child

- Cleanse, clear, & expand your auric field 

- Connect to your higher self 

- Soul mission

- Past life relevant to current life 

- Provide you actionable items on how to move forward 

- Uncover limiting beliefs & blocks

Image by Gaspar Uhas

Prior to the session you will need: 

- A quiet, distraction free space
- Pen & paper if you'd like to take notes
- Arrive on time 

* All sales final 
* Please do not buy a session for someone other than yourself as permission is needed to enter into the energy field 
* Rescheduling available if done so 24 hrs or more from the session

Please contact me if you do not see a time/date that works for you on the schedule. 

xx Erica

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