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22 things I'm NOT doing in 2023 & neither should YOU

  1. self doubt

  2. not sharing the magic

  3. not trusting intuition

  4. overthinking

  5. letting others lead your decisions

  6. caring what others think

  7. not believing you can change

  8. not believing you deserve what you want

  9. subscribing to literally anything that makes you feel like shit

  10. disempowering relationships

  11. not prioritizing emotional regulation

  12. not questioning the reality you live in

  13. not believing you create your reality

  14. forgetting your power

  15. lack of focus for what you want

  16. not playing full out on your mission

  17. judging others the way they choose to live

  18. trying to change others around you

  19. settling for literally anything less than what you want

  20. self sabotage

  21. denying you have a soul mission

  22. disempowering yourself

xx Erica


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