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5 Lessons I wish I Knew at the Beginning of my Spiritual Awakening

At the beginning of my #spiritualawakening I remember feeling so stressed about how to move forward with the information I was learning and trying to decipher what was "good" or "bad"...alcohol, fluoride in the water, chemical trials, organic foods, processed foods, eating meat, vegan...the decisions and opinions are endless.

And then I started to learn..

Your a multidimensional being... okay cook but I am only aware of this life on Earth right now.

Your are more energy than matter... cool but my body seems pretty solid.

You need to raise your vibration... so I can only eat the organic, non gmo, no processed foods and eliminate everything that is "low vibe?"

I would look externally for information on what to do, what to eat, what to drink, what to not drink, what to practice, how to get the idea. I was driving myself #crazy

I had to stay STOP to it all. I had a moment were I wanted to regress and unlearn what I was learning because it felt like too much to handle at the moment. And so many people were saying different things. Like can we all get on the same page please???

It wasn't until this point were I started to turn inward to my internal guidance and remind myself I have my own internal compass that I get to use to discern...and you do too!!

Below are my own realizations through this process so take what resonates and leave what doesn't!

#1 You don't need to go by someone else's life choices & make them your own. You get to decide what is right for you. And who has the right to tell you what is right are wrong?

#2 Intention over everything. What is your intention behind the action of the food, drink, or act...when you have clear intentions to why you are doing something that alone can shift the whole vibration of the experience.

#3 We are here to PLAY. Don't take ascension & waking up so seriously. You will never know everything, there will be missing pieces, trust what you know is what you know is all that you need to know at this time. Take it from someone who dove head first into trying to decode the matrix in a late night research hole nights on end. I do not recommend hahahha. It is a continuous process of awakening of'll never be done "waking up" so play, have fun, stay in joy as long as you can and the ascension will happen along the way.

#4 Explore different types of modalities, routines, and mentors. Explore what is exciting to you and follow those nudges that are coming from within. Most likely you have codes & expansion waiting for you in the things you find most interesting. There is a spark there for a reason. Follow it!

#5 Meditate. Like just do it. And do it daily for 30 minutes at min

xx Erica


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