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5 reasons you are keeping yourself STUCK & what to do about it

And this is only the first 5 reasons... I know you have more.

Read and find out how many you have.

I get it. Changing anything in your life feels scary, unobtainable, or down right impossible. But can I argue that this is just your belief? What if it is actually the opposite of what you think.

Read below & listen to episode #9 on the podcast for more.

Reason #1 - You aren't even allowing yourself to DREAM

You are feeling unenthusiastic with your life right now but you don't even know what you would want!!

Like have you even given yourself permission to dream yet???

Reason #2 - You think what you can have is what you see

You look around the people in your life and you already assume this is what is for me. The money, lifestyle, circumstance, abundance, love, relationships...everything you see in your family and friends you assume that is what you are going to get.

Reason #3 - You put up your own BLOCKS & walls up

YEAHHHHHH. Hard pill to swallow. But the truth is really ANY reason you say "I can't do that" "thats not possible" "thats not meant for me" you are the only one that is standing in your way. You are the block. No one or nothing else. It is you.

Reason #4 - You make excuses

  1. I am not smart enough

  2. I don't deserve that

  3. I don't have enough money

  4. I wouldn't ever be able to do that

ughhhh. How depressing is that???

Reason#5 - My life is good- so why do i want more?

This trap gets people the most... You think you have a good life or have it better than others so why am I wanting more or different?

You- "Okay ERICAAA. You got me. I have 1 or more of those reasons. But now what??"

What To Do About It

  1. First get clear on what you want. Take 20 minutes of uninterupted time to jot down what you want

  2. Don't forget to allow yourself to dream BIGGGG

  3. Write down your top 5 statements you say to yourself that stops you from doing the impossible. Write down all 5. I know you have at least that many

  4. Awareness is KEY. When we notice what we do to limit ourselves that is the first step to changing

  5. Give yourself permission to live the life you want. You came here to CREATE, feel ALIVE, & really LIVE. Do not stay stuck in the life you have just because you think you shouldn't want more.

  6. Meditate daily.

  7. Don't know why I am telling you to mediate?? This allows you to detach from what you know and tap into what you don't know, it is the space of creation, the time where you can dream of everything. PS.. anything you can think of already exists.. so bring it into your reality.

xx Erica


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