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How To Step Into The New Portal Energy

We are currently in the vortex of the Lions Gate Portal energy!! This is such an exciting time where the energy around us is heightened. Now what does that mean?? and what do you do? Keep reading to find out..

The Lions Gate Portal is a range of dates with the energy at a peak on 8/8. This means you are able to manifest and anchor into your highest timeline and create what you want VERY quickly. Here are ways to utilize this portal energy to the fullest:

Clear the Blocks

No one can create your dream life for you. You have to hold the vibration and vision for it. You are the key to unlock it.

We tend to remove ourselves from the reason we are not living the life we want. We look to our family, responsibilities, the environment or circumstance of us not really being able to step into the life we want. We don't look at ourselves for being the the road block. The truth is the ONLY thing standing in your way is yourself. There is no one else to blame. So what are you doing right now that is blocking yourself?

Be Clear With Your Desires

If you are not clear with what you want there is no way for it to come to you. Our energy focused on a reality, goal, vision, or feeling is what it takes for it to manifest in the physical. I suggest writing down what you envision what you want. Brain dump EVERYTHING you want to experience from job, vacation, money, relationships, experiences, feelings, to the clothes you'd wear. This is your new high vibrational list you get to anchor into. Holding the energy of the items on you list is how you step through into a new timeline.

Make the Decision

To change your life is actually quite simple.

The current belief we have all agreed to is that change is hard. We say creating new habits takes time. Or I am just stuck in my ways. When you shift your perspective to that being those are BELIEFS you choose and not get to create a new belief.

  • It is easy to change my life

  • I am anchoring into my highest timeline every day

  • I create a new habit with ease

Step Through

Utilize this portal for you to make time to really get clear with what life you want to give energy and attention to. Remember you are the creator. So what you see around you is reflective of what YOU created and what you believe you to be true. If you don't love what you see it is simple, walk through the portal and CHANGE IT.

Come to the Workshop

I am co-creating a workshop where you can feel the energy, receive a new frequency, and create space and time for the Lion Gates Portal.

During this hour and a half workshop you will receive Light Language Frequency, Reiki, and a channeled Akashic Record session to help support, integrate this new frequency, and anchor into your new reality.

We can feel the intensity of this portal for shifting, release, and radical acceptance of yourself. Come join us this Monday 8/8 at 7pm EST.


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