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Why Following Your JOY Is Important

Who knew allowing yourself to follow what makes you happy effects not just yourself but EVERYTHING & EVERYONE around you...

It's the most selfless thing you can do... prioritizing your healing, joy, expansion, & happiness.

Healing the Future & the Past

Healing happens in all timelines simultaneously. When you heal today you are healing the past, present, and future.

The act of healing your own personal traumas, limiting beliefs, rewiring your brain, choosing better habits, learning to forgive yourself and others...doesn't just heal yourself in this current life, you are doing the healing work for your past ancestors. You see time is all happening now which means that what we perceive as the past, present, and future is all happening at the same time- right now. So if you are healing your present self you are healing your past and future simultaneously for yourself & for your family.

Following Your JOY

When you remove the phrase..."I should be happy because x, y, z.." you are able to take a deeper look into what your soul truly enjoys. Your joy can look very different to another persons joy. Neither is right/wrong/better. It just is. Listen to the gut impulses where you find excitement, where your inner being feels lit up or excited. Follow that feeling and keep doing those things that bring that feeling! This is your soul speaking to you. When we feel passion or excitement around something that is a signal to you that this is an important part of your path, mission, & reason for being here on Earth at this time.

Eternal Expansion

Be bold, dare to do something new, and tell your story.

Expansion happens in many ways. When you meet yourself at your edges of were you normally stop yourself in business, life, travel, relationships, showing up, or any other aspect of your life that is expansion. It doesn't always feel great and is definitely not easy, but that is the place we expand!

You Deserve True Happiness

You don't need to live in the shadows of some one else's happy or dream. If is not yours its not yours. Sometimes we do things out of pleasing others- spouse, parents, friends, or kids. And if someone is telling you "I'd kill to have your life!!" and you still don't LOVE it...that doesn't mean you are in the wrong for not wanting it! Now is the time to follow the alignment of your life that brings you true happiness, joy, passion, and a lust for life.

If my life isn't DAZZLING me...I don't want it.

xx Erica


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