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How Connecting To Your Inner Child Can Unlock Your Superpowers

Your inner child...yes you have an inner child. Actually you have several inner children. These are versions of you from your childhood in this life time and even in other lifetimes.

We are connected on all levels with the cosmos when we are kids and slowly as we grow up we grow out of this. This can be due to so many factors of being discounted from adult figures of what you saw or felt as a kid, trying not to be weird or fitting in, or ignoring how you felt to meet societies pressures...

On top of this your subconscious mind is literally built when you were a kid up til your 7 years old. Every lesson, thing your parent told you, error you think you made, feeling you felt was all downloaded into your subconscious mind which is now running your adult brain right now.

Unlocking your inner child & subconscious rewiring work go hand. You work with both aspects to begin to unlearn what you learned growing up and remove any program that is running the show in the background that is not serving you..

This is one aspect in my expansion sessions I always make sure I hit for this reason. I check in with your inner children to see at what age did you not feel seen, heard, or loved. What age did you have a traumatic event that changed how you saw life. We may forget all about our childhood or about events that occurred consciously but our subconscious never forgets.

I invite you to have a session with me to check out your inner children & tune up your subconscious mind so it is working for you instead of against you. That being said, you don't need me to tune into your own inner children. After all we all have the power within ourselves to heal, clear, tune in, receive guidance, and connect. You can tune into your inner children on your own and here is how:
  1. Start by gathering a few supplies & set up your space

  2. You will need paper and pen to write with & a quite space you can reflect a minimum of 20 minutes

  3. Get into a meditative state, close your eyes, and take a few deep breaths. Begin to think about your childhood. Pay attention to the first memory or age that pops up for you. Embrace it, don't judge it, and start to explore why this memory/age came up.

  4. Take a 5-10 minutes to write out this memory in an autonomic way. Again, don't judge what comes up or worry about spelling. Just write.

  5. You can explore this even deeper with reflecting with photos of yourself at that age to look at

  6. After you reviewed the memory, ask yourself at that age, "what do you want to tell me? what do you need?"

  7. Respond to yourself and LISTEN. It is important to give time, space, and energy to the response and give yourself what you are asking for

  8. This begins the process of re-parenting which in turns re-programing your subconscious.

For an example, when doing this activity on myself and tuning into my own inner children I focused on myself at 8 years old. The huge pattern I had to give space to was the feeling of "doing something wrong." I allowed myself to reflect on memories I had that first cemented this belief that I was doing something wrong if I disappointed someone. This effected my life as an adult with the tendency of people pleasing. Doing things that I didn't really want to do out of fear of being wrong.

After realizing this, I unlocked this new belief within myself...

The only person I have to please is myself.

When you give time and space to your inner child you allow space to reflect within yourself. Why are you the way you are? Can you change that? Can you install a new belief?

Save this post so you can come back to it to do your inner child healing. Message me or tag me in your inner child healing on IG @erica.eternalexpansion

xx Erica


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