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There came a time where i was just sick of my own shit

There came a time where i was just sick of my own shit

Sick of my patterns

Sick of my negative thoughts

Sick of my limiting beliefs

Sick of my self sabotaging behaviors

You see - this is when i see real change within myself & others

When you work with me I'm like your own personal tactical team that comes in & takes care of those problems - let me get straight with you - I'm not going to solve these problems for you but I will mirror them to you & show you how to redirect, eliminate, & reprogram yourself.

Do you need me? No. You can do this yourself.

Will it be easier & faster with me? You are damn right it will be.

Will it be work? Yes.

WIll it be fun? FVCK YEAH

I will go to the depths within me to help you just as I have gone to the depths to help myself. It's a process I know to work bc i've done it over and over and over…and i will continue to repeat this bc that is what life is

What is the process?

  1. Eliminate

  2. Energy upgrade

  3. Take charge

  4. Become

I am always somewhere in this process. The problem is when you don’t begin the process at all.. You stay put & accept what is.

So what are you waiting for?

xx Erica

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