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5 Tips for Becoming YOURSELF

do you think you are you? or do you think you are a version of you that society, your mom, or your bf make you into..

Listen, we all come from this place in society, raised by our parents, and then want the person we are with romantically to keep liking us. You are not wrong for doing is how the world works right now. BUT.

How long are you actually going to keep living like this???

It is time to remember you are in control now. No one is creating, managing, or orchestrating your life other than you. so ask yourself again.. are you being YOU or a version of you?

5 tips for becoming YOURSELF

  1. sit in silence get to know you, you need to be with yourself. start by sitting alone in silence for 5 minutes... and no you cant be on your phone lol

  2. before you get dressed in the morning- ask yourself "am i wearing this for me or am i wearing this for others"

  3. try new things. a new class, food, style, cafe, art...

  4. get to know you- journal like you are getting to know a date or a best friend. ask yourself who am i? what do i want to do in life? what am i passionate about? etc.

  5. go PLAY. do something you use to do as a kid. most times we are at our truest form when we are kids before we are taught "how to act" or "how to be" go back to doing something you loved to do as a kid and do that

there is plenty of room to explore yourself. just because you have been doing something the same way for x amount of time, maybe for years doesn't mean that is is how you truly want to do them. remember, self discovery and expansion is a lifetime journey. you don't just stop learning about yourself once you become an "adult" ... i think that is when we just get started. allow yourself to explore different sides of yourself. try new things. after all the more that we figure out what we don't want or don't like the more we figure out what we do like and who we are more of..

...also remember you are so much more than the body you have right now. you are bigger that that

BONUS TIP: meditate for 20 minutes. get out of your body into your energy and feel how big, powerful, and vast you are

message me what you discover about yourself!!

xx Erica


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